[Market-farming] Re: coolers

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Thu Oct 30 07:00:34 EST 2003

We have a small walk-in (10'x12') at our roadside market/fruit stand.  It
was commercially built for outside applications and put up some time in the
later 70's, as I am told.

Sounds and looks big.........until you put in shelves which are a must,

Those plastic strips that hang in the doorway are must also and do not have
to be purchased commercially, I had one made rather cheaply at a canvas shop
where he used 'seconds' quality isinglass from boat enclosures,

That space left in the center of the cooler, which looks big, is usually
taken up with carts and racks overnight,

Ours actually more than meets our needs, until apple harvest (and we have
less than 200 total trees, not all bearing at once either),

On the flip side, bigger is not always better, unless the cooler is very
well insulated, not directly exposed to the elements, and you can afford the
increased size,

Side note on exterior coolers:  Ours has an aluminum skin which gets quite
hot due to direct sunlight.  Well, after putting it off for several years, I
finally put up a false wall (on the Southern and Western sides) with extra
1" blueboard insulation against the walls, 2'x4's, and 1/2" plywood
sheathing; leaving a gap at the top and bottoms so the heat and hot air will
chimney through the cavities.  Sure wish I had gotten it done in July rather
than the end of September.

Hope some of this helps.

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market
Catawba Island, Ohio

----- > Thanks again Allan and everyone else who has responded.I am also
> in opinions on walk in coolers. What are people using for refrigeration
> how they like it. I plan on building a cooler this spring so any
> would be appreciated.

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