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Neil and Heather gardenpath at primus.ca
Wed Oct 29 08:45:08 EST 2003

Thank you Allan I appreciate your 2 cents. I do agree with your observation
the 720 is probably the way to go,unfortunately the chipper/shredder is the
one attachment I would like. I feel I need it for shredding mulch and
speeding up the composting process. Perhaps I should really evaluate the
total cost of the 12hp with the shredder attachment and look at buying a
free standing shredder?

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> >Thank you for sharing your experience.We are seriously looking at the
> >BCS.The new 12hp model is very inviting but the price tag is somewhat of
> >deterrent.It is a very hi quality machine and the multiple attachments
> >very much what we need.At the moment we are working 1/2 an acre  and new
> >market gardening and not sure of the size to invest in.
> >Neil
> Neil - When I was in the process of buying a new tiller, I, too, was
> enamored by the hi-end BCS line. I, too, was stopped by the pricing,
> which is just too close to the price of a very good deal on an older
> used tractor. I checked around with some experienced market farmers.
> They were all using HARVESTER models, some of the were using 710s,
> others 720s. I bought the 720. I cannot imagine any reason why  I
> need more power or even the steering brakes or the locking
> differential. I can imagine being handicapped by the extreme weight
> of the professional models, however.
> None of the above refers in the least to any attachments other than
> tilling. I can well imagine that if you want a chipper/shredder, you
> will be thinking of the 12hp
> Just my 2cents.
> _Allan
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