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Neil and Heather gardenpath at primus.ca
Tue Oct 28 20:29:25 EST 2003

Thank you for sharing your experience.We are seriously looking at the
BCS.The new 12hp model is very inviting but the price tag is somewhat of a
deterrent.It is a very hi quality machine and the multiple attachments are
very much what we need.At the moment we are working 1/2 an acre  and new to
market gardening and not sure of the size to invest in.
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> Neil and Heather,
> I use a combination of horses, a BCS tractor, and hand
> tools.  The horses do all the things a tractor would
> do, minus the PTO power.  In addition, they provide a
> substantial basis of my composting operation.  The BCS
> is a rather old model with a diesel engine.  The newer
> models have more conveniences but I find it hard to
> justify that kind of cash outlay.  What I like about
> the BCS is that it is designed as a *tractor*, with
> tine tilling being only one of its many options.  I
> also use mine for bushhogging and sicklebar clipping.
> I'm not sure if Troybilt is at that level.  The BCS
> has logical controls, independent wheel braking
> capabilities (although my brakes are frozen and I've
> never used them), substantial internal parts and
> gears.
> What I don't like about my BCS is the cost of repair
> parts, most of them being peculiar to BCS.  My dealer
> is also a friend, and he always seems to have
> everything I need in stock and he ships out quite
> quickly.  The clutch parts on my model will rust
> together if I forget to engage it for long periods of
> sitting.  Maybe they've fixed that feature, but it
> sure is a pain in the ass to have to take the engine
> off the body of the tractor to break the clutch free.
> My model also had a weakness in the device that kept
> the PTO engaged, but my dealer gave me the updated
> part that seems to have fixed it.
> The BCS is a rugged machine, seems to be well-designed
> with the new models (although you get used to oddities
> that you'd change if you recalled them when you
> started working with the implement), has a wealth of
> useful and usable attachments, dealers are independent
> businesses.
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