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Mon Oct 27 21:02:41 EST 2003

Hi there,
This morning on NBC's Today show,there was an interesting debate about genetically modifieds organisms.
Lisa Kadic from Biotechnik vs Marc Lappe from Against the grain.Amazing how scientists who are all  for GMO can get blinded at the test results.For example:Lisa Kadic is so glad that with GMO's the use of pesticides is dramatically reduced.Of course it is.Because they inject the stuff right into the organism.Miss Kadic also noted that agriculture is up and that thanks to this new technology more food is produced to help the starving??????What?Has she listened to the news lately?It is so offensive to listen to this crap getting battled out,and we know in advance that the mind of those who are pushing towards a  particular goal is made up no matter what.
It would be time to get our priorities straight and cut the crap with unnecessary spending for research that will in the end cost us huge amounts of taxpayer money a second time to heal the sick from the effects on the human body.We live in a society where everything has to be new and complicated.Why can't we just leave things the way they are,and concentrate our energy on helping those in need?Maybe we should also take a look back on our ancestors,study from them and learn respect for nature.
How much money do you think went into GMO?How many hungry could we have fed with all those $$$$$?
Continue to do what we do with organics and heirloom and keep poison out of our foods,and out of our lives.

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