[Market-farming] Compost/Worm Castings

Joan Vibert joan at windwalker-farm.com
Sun Oct 26 08:29:01 EST 2003

> it was suggested to me that really anything over 20%
> is basically a waste of your fertilizing properties.

We began using worm castings last spring - I added them to our seed starting
mix instead of compost and had wonderful results - quick germination and
healthy seedlings.  Then it was added in handfuls "in the hole" at
transplant out stage along with bone meal and soy meal.  Again the
transplants were beautiful, grew well and I never got around to fertilizing
them at all this year and had good production.

But my favorite test of this miracle stuff was in the hoophouse where I
spread a layer of about 1/2" to 1" of worm castings and planted cucumbers on
April 1.  Those plants were very close together - I think I put in about 40
plants in a 40" hoophouse.  They were amazing!  I tallied up the other day
and I sold $850 worth of cucumber out of the hoophouse before the field
grown cukes got going (which weren't as prolific).

A month ago I cleaned the hoophouse, spread castings again and have great
carrots, lettuce, greens mix, spinach, and all up and looking good.  The
carrots germinated as fast as everything else.

If anyone is near Kansas City I can give you the name of a guy who has worm
castings stored in the caves in KC and his price is quite good.  I know
there are folks all over with an abundance of castings and they don't know
where to go to move them.

Windwalker Farm
Ottawa, Kansas

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