[Market-farming] Compost/Worm Castings

Judi Corbett corbettj at computer-products.com
Sat Oct 25 17:03:16 EDT 2003

I make my own organic potting soil and sell worm castings. Though you can
grow in full castings, it was suggested to me that really anything over 20%
is basically a wais of your fertilizing properties. This was what was
suggested to me by a man who is really heavy into the castings end of
marketing and not the worm end. He has done an extensive amount of research
on it and I tend to agree. The nice thing about the castings is that it is
such a slow release you don't need to keep reapplying fertilizers!!!
* 5 times available Nitrogen.
* 7 times available Potash.
* Most potting soils have a nutrient life of 2 to 5 days, worm castings are
effective up to 6 times longer.
* 4 times more available Calcium.
* Castings hold 2 to 3 times their weight in water so you need to water
* Worm castings are a slow releasing fertilizer so you only need to add one
tablespoon every 4-5 months per large pot.
* Worm castings are totally organic.

Judi Corbett
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