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Robert, I would like to point out that just because
there are lots of programs for small farms, there's
not much money going to them necessarily.  A lot of it
is money paid to not farm.  It probably depends on
your definition of small, medium and large, but by
just about any measure, mine is a small farm.  My
program participation has netted me a whopping $40 in
2003 from FSA.  Philolosophically, I had a problem
participating in even this minor program, but reasoned
that the more participation there is, the more likely
somebody at the regional or national level will notice
that there are still a few of us out here trying to
carry on the life.

The program money that gets (deservedly) a lot of
attention is price supports for grains and beans.  I
don't pretend to know anything about this, other than
it's been a long time since wheat, corn and soybeans
have sold for more than the amount where subsidies
kick in.  By sheer volume of these crops raised, even
a couple cents of subsidy results in a lot of federal
money going to these programs nationwide.


>>Pat.  You will be pleased to know that the
overwhelming majority of 
are going to small and medium sized farms. The reason
you don't hear 
much about
it is because news like that doesn't sell newspapers.
Go to the USDA 
site and
check out the Farm Services Agency page, you will find
many programs 
that assist
the smallest of farms.

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