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Thu Oct 23 15:28:45 EDT 2003

> From: 	Jackie Fisher[SMTP:splltrss at scrtc.com]
>  I don't see why this couldn't work all year round with tunnels used in
> the cold months and shade in
> summer.
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Nice Thread!  

This is what we have been doing in high tunnels since winter 1995.  Last
summer (2002), we found we could keep it going all summer, in the tunnels,
with the addition of shade cloth.  With the shade, you lose most of your
reds - not enough light so the plants add more chlorophyll for
photosynthesis, and the reds go away.  We see a similar growth pattern
during long gray stretches in the winter. In case you are wondering,
Kentucky in summer is PLENTY HOT (well, except for 2003 when it rained
almost every day) - 90+ days are not uncommon in July and August.  Our high
tunnels just keep producing salads 52 weeks a year.  In summer, we do take
out the greens and use all lettuces, because of excessive insect damage on
brassicas - but the customers don't care.  They just want their salads.

I thought the original post was about micro greens, rather than mesclun size
greens.  Those we haven't done, but they are often done in a flat.  There
was a man in Southern Indiana several years ago doing them in float beds in
a heated greenhouse, and marketing to the Louisville, KY restaurants.  He
seemed to be very successful - don't know if he's still doing it or not.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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