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Paul, I use horses for about 80% of my farm work.  As
I get better acquainted with my own abilities, I'm
hoping to make that around 95%.

There are quite a few advantages and disadvantages of
using horses or oxen, but both can be used equally
well for farming.  If you have more than just a
passing interest in this, I would recommend a website
There is a quite informative and entertaining
discussion forum called the front porch.  Several MODA
members are participants.  In the US, oxen seem to be
especially favored in the New England states.


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Over the summer I went to a couple events with a group
called MODA, 
Ox Drover's Association.  I have heard from time to
time on this list 
people using horses for draft power.  Are there many
people out there 
draft animals?  Any using oxen?  An oxen being a
"steer with an 
and a steer is a castrated Bull.  Some people don't
refer to a steer as 
oxen until after they have been trained and are full
grown at four 
years of
age.  Kind of like a cow isn't a cow until she has
given birth, up 
then she is a heifer.  Something I didn't realize up
front was that 
oxen can
be any breed of bovine.  And here in cow country, it
turns out that
Holsteins are the dominant milk producer and actually
are some of the
largest oxen (2500 pounds each).  And being handled so
much they are 
good around humans.  I have a friend who uses them for
logging.  Ox 
are cheaper and easier to make than the collars and
harness for horses.
Well, I was just curious if people are using these
animals on their 

Paul Bock
Stone Gully

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