[Market-farming] Draft Animals

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
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In our area we have one group using draft animals - draft animal
enthusiasts.  There is a father and son who use them to farm - and they are
also a part of our Agricultural Heritage Resources organization - which is
an organization whose mission is to preserving the farm land and rural
culture of the area - both past and future.

                                Jill, Wisconsin
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> Over the summer I went to a couple events with a group called MODA,
> Ox Drover's Association.  I have heard from time to time on this list
> people using horses for draft power.  Are there many people out there
> draft animals?  Any using oxen?  An oxen being a "steer with an
> and a steer is a castrated Bull.  Some people don't refer to a steer as an
> oxen until after they have been trained and are full grown at four years
> age.  Kind of like a cow isn't a cow until she has given birth, up until
> then she is a heifer.  Something I didn't realize up front was that oxen
> be any breed of bovine.  And here in cow country, it turns out that
> Holsteins are the dominant milk producer and actually are some of the
> largest oxen (2500 pounds each).  And being handled so much they are very
> good around humans.  I have a friend who uses them for logging.  Ox yokes
> are cheaper and easier to make than the collars and harness for horses.
> Well, I was just curious if people are using these animals on their farms.
> Paul Bock
> Stone Gully
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