[Market-farming] Draft Animals

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Thu Oct 23 10:41:43 EDT 2003

Over the summer I went to a couple events with a group called MODA, Midwest
Ox Drover's Association.  I have heard from time to time on this list about
people using horses for draft power.  Are there many people out there using
draft animals?  Any using oxen?  An oxen being a "steer with an education",
and a steer is a castrated Bull.  Some people don't refer to a steer as an
oxen until after they have been trained and are full grown at four years of
age.  Kind of like a cow isn't a cow until she has given birth, up until
then she is a heifer.  Something I didn't realize up front was that oxen can
be any breed of bovine.  And here in cow country, it turns out that
Holsteins are the dominant milk producer and actually are some of the
largest oxen (2500 pounds each).  And being handled so much they are very
good around humans.  I have a friend who uses them for logging.  Ox yokes
are cheaper and easier to make than the collars and harness for horses.
Well, I was just curious if people are using these animals on their farms.

Paul Bock
Stone Gully

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