[Market-farming] composting, etc..

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Thu Oct 23 10:31:28 EDT 2003

Hello all,
  If anyone gets really crazy about composting, may I suggest that they
start to learn more about the organisms that do the composting.  This
composting trip has gotten me into some very interesting places.
Vermicomposting is fun, that's composting with worms.  I have always had
trouble getting the woody stuff to break down and I so I started looking
into mushrooms.  Some species of fungi that produce mushrooms are great at
breaking down woody material.  check out www.fungi.com, or do a search on
saprophytic fungi.  Another neat critter is actinomycetes, kind of like a
fungi kind of like a bacteria, produces the heat in hot compost pile.  One
cool part about the mushroom stuff is that some of the things you do to
promote the growth of a single fungi organism (like sterilizing,
pasteurizing, or hot composting) will help you get over other problems with
compost like pathogens and weed seeds.

Paul Bock
Stone Gully

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