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Ernie, you might want to recheck your compost
quantities needed.  I make 30 to 40 yards of compost a
year, and just a few short days or weeks after
spreading it and working it in, I can't tell it was
ever there, other than in the performance of my crops.
 50 yards is less than a half inch over an entire
acre, although as I understand it, you will be using
the compost as a mulch layer within the strawberry


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> Neal
> Thank you for this information. I'm getting ready to
> set things in motion to compost enough to apply to
> an acre with about 20 to 30 cu. yd. of compost for
> an alternative strawberry production on compost
> instead of methyl bromide. I pulled off the net
> about such an experiment done in N. C. We got a
> small patch out this fall by using the cow manure
> from last winter. Not much science used this year.
> The berries are looking very good right now and the
> weed pressure isn't to great. We sowed annual
> ryegrass in the center and it is really growing,
> have to mow it off almost twice a week.
> Ernie

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