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Neil and Heather,

I use a combination of horses, a BCS tractor, and hand
tools.  The horses do all the things a tractor would
do, minus the PTO power.  In addition, they provide a
substantial basis of my composting operation.  The BCS
is a rather old model with a diesel engine.  The newer
models have more conveniences but I find it hard to
justify that kind of cash outlay.  What I like about
the BCS is that it is designed as a *tractor*, with
tine tilling being only one of its many options.  I
also use mine for bushhogging and sicklebar clipping. 
I'm not sure if Troybilt is at that level.  The BCS
has logical controls, independent wheel braking
capabilities (although my brakes are frozen and I've
never used them), substantial internal parts and

What I don't like about my BCS is the cost of repair
parts, most of them being peculiar to BCS.  My dealer
is also a friend, and he always seems to have
everything I need in stock and he ships out quite
quickly.  The clutch parts on my model will rust
together if I forget to engage it for long periods of
sitting.  Maybe they've fixed that feature, but it
sure is a pain in the ass to have to take the engine
off the body of the tractor to break the clutch free. 
My model also had a weakness in the device that kept
the PTO engaged, but my dealer gave me the updated
part that seems to have fixed it.

The BCS is a rugged machine, seems to be well-designed
with the new models (although you get used to oddities
that you'd change if you recalled them when you
started working with the implement), has a wealth of
useful and usable attachments, dealers are independent

Krystyna L. Prochocki
Kevin L. Strohmeier
May Apple Farm and Gardens
4020 N. Grandview Church Rd.
Big Spring, KY 40175
mayapplefarm at yahoo.com

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