[Market-farming] Fall work

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Mon Oct 20 07:10:34 EDT 2003

Got our 2000 garlics planted yesterday on a beautiful warm fall afternoon.

Just about got all the cover crops planted and have many fall items 
ready to harvest for our one remaining farmer's market (end at the end 
of the month) and our late fall CSA cycle that will go to Thanksgiving

We killed every chicken on the place (75 broilers and 48 layers) last 
week which has freed up an amazing amount of time and filled two 
freezers with wonderful pastured poultry to eat and sell over the 
winter. We find not having chickens around very strange. We have had 
birds year 'round for the past 6 years. Our dogs are at a lost as to 
what their job is now that the birds are gone. But it is nice to know we 
can leave the farm for more than 18 hours. Next spring we are planning 
to get more pullets

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH
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