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Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Fri Oct 17 21:16:40 EDT 2003

> Willie, my husband was reading over my shoulder about the tractor and he 
> says:
> "set the cultivator behind the tractor and drive, never look back.  If you 
> look back, you will move one hand or the other and the tractor will turn.  If 
> you want to look back and see what it's doin' STOP, and then look back.  You 
> cannot control it if you're lookin' back."   yahda, yahda, as he left and went 
> back out to the shop to get a beer.  I'd listen to him:  nobody plows a 
> straighter row than Michie Akin.     He has three old Kabotas.

Any of the Kubotas have more than about 16" of ground clearance?  My 
most used tractor is a 25hp Mitsubushi R2500; I've used it with very 
little trouble for more than 20 years.  Also have a 30-35hp IH B210 and 
a 60hp JD 3010.

I can attest that whenever I look back I put a kink my row.  I do find 
it impossible to not turn the wheel whenever I look back.  And I can 
cultivate with little looking back.  However, my PlanetJrs are quite 
prone to clogging and, in many situations, need constant monitoring.  
In my judgment, it is better to have crooked rows than to pull a 
clogged planter half a row.
> Next year, buy a 4 # bag of Casserole pinto beans at the grocery and plant 
> them for fresh snap beans.  For the winter, we have gorgeous salads coming on in 
> the tunnel. 

We have customers that occasionally ask for pinto snap beans.  They are 
little grown here for the following reasons:
1) They must be picked at just the right stage, else they are stringy 
and tough.  I think the picking window is only about a day.
2) Compared to other green beans, they are smaller and therefore more 
costly to pick.
3) Demand is relatively low; they do not compete well in appearance 
with other green beans.

"Green Crop" is my favorite bean.

We are getting dry here, too.  But just recently.  For the past few 
weeks we have had enough moisture for germination; I have some spinach 
and onion that has recently come up.  We are preparing to irrigate, 

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