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> I'll still looking for one of those wonderful diesel offset tractors.
> Does anyone have a Saukville?

Willie, my husband was reading over my shoulder about the tractor and he 
"set the cultivator behind the tractor and drive, never look back.  If you 
look back, you will move one hand or the other and the tractor will turn.  If 
you want to look back and see what it's doin' STOP, and then look back.  You 
cannot control it if you're lookin' back."   yahda, yahda, as he left and went 
back out to the shop to get a beer.  I'd listen to him:  nobody plows a 
straighter row than Michie Akin.     He has three old Kabotas.

Next year, buy a 4 # bag of Casserole pinto beans at the grocery and plant 
them for fresh snap beans.  For the winter, we have gorgeous salads coming on in 
the tunnel. 
Underground hot water heat.
Akin Farm
Terrell, TX
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