[Market-farming] The only thing worse than drought

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Fri Oct 17 14:05:29 EDT 2003

Is too much rain. We have had the wettest year on record. It totally
destroyed my pumpkin crop amounting to thousands in lost profits, whats
ironic is we had a meeting this spring about getting federal crop
insurance just for pumpkins and nobody showed up. Mostly because the
fed's set the meeting at 2pm on one of the few good planting days in
Fall without pumpkins is like Christmas without Santa Claus. We count on
pumpkins to bring in the customers to buy our mums cornstalks and indian
corn. The thing that really hurt was 16 days of rain in a row August
1-16 not to mention rain every two days there after through September.
Sweet corn was a winner, the best year ever. I tried a new type of
triple sweet corn called Providence, I planted a small sample patch 6,
800 ft rows, as the last stage for the year on July 2nd.  One guy nearby
made a big todo about growing this corn and the newspapers covered it,
he said he had to charge more ,$5.50 a dozen because it was a hard
variety to grow....actually its as easy to grow as any corn.
I don't like to jerk customers around by changing prices in mid season,
I set out the corn without notice and charged the same $4 a dozen price.
WOW what a response people loved it. I did not like it only because it
had poor tip fill and was hard to snap from the stalk. It really is
extra sweet, I never sell corn more than a day old and I dumped some day
old corn back in the field and tasted it three days later and it was
still sweeter than fresh picked SE varieties. Providence has Sh2
sweetness with SU type flavor and texture and needs no isolation...Bob
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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