[Market-farming] hello???

Liz Pike liz at laughingbrookfarm.com
Fri Oct 17 08:40:12 EDT 2003

> Hello  --  Is anyone out there?  Kinda quiet.  --  Tom

Good morning Tom!!  Yes we're still here, just with nothing to say ; ))))
Can you believe it???  totally normal...the quiet before the storm.  Come
Nov/Dec when folks start planning or actually planting for the next season
posts will pick up (& complaints of too much list activity) ; )))

For me it's the time of year I can concentrate on other farm work than
crops.  Like mending fences, building repairs, more efficient veggie
processing space, converting a stall into a cooler, etc, etc.  I'm so
looking forward to being back in business next spring....Finally!!!  whew...

Courtney, we had spring all summer (cool, damp, not enough sunny days).
Weather was truly weird this year, but it broke the drought thank goodness.

Liz Pike
Laughingbrook Farm
Westfield NC
http://www.laughingbrookfarm.com/daybookoct_3_03.asp  Latest Daybook Entry!!

My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I
So far today, I finished 2 bags of chips and a chocolate cake.  I feel
better already!!

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