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Could you please explain what greensand is ?
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  We were certified organic before the USDA took over.  We dropped out of the National Program because we did not agree with many of the standards.  Anyway we continue to practice according to International Organic Standards and we make our own potting soil using a version of Eloit Coleman's Recipe, as follows:
  Oak Camp's Soil Mix
  3 buckets compost
  4 buckets peat moss (get the stuff that has not had wetting agents added)
  1 bucket vermiculite
  1 bucket perlite
  1 cup greensand
  1 cup limestone(again, make sure it is pure)
  1 cup blood meal
  1 cup bone meal
  Wear a dust mask at all times while in the presence of peat moss, the fibers can cause lung cancer similar to what asbestos fibers do. No longer a problem once you have watered in the seedlings.
  It is best to mix the first 2 ingredients together first, then add the perlite and vermiculite, mix thoroughly.
  Finally, add the amendments and mix thoroughly.
  Using this mix, we maybe have to fertilize one time before the crop is ready to sell.
  Barb Birkinbine
  Oak Camp Herb Farm
  Lodi, WI


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