[Market-farming] Asian Beetles vs Stink bugs

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Fri Oct 10 14:23:31 EDT 2003

>Asian beetles...never heard of that one here in the Pacific NW.  Our take
over pest are Stinkbugs...so named because of the horrible scent they
have when crushed.  There are 2 varieties, one of which is also known as
the Pine beetle which infests the Great north woods.  Years ago we'd see
a few here and there in the Fall, on the clothes on the line .  Now they
are Everywhere in huge swarms and always manage to get into everyone's
house where they can now persist through winter.  They especially love
the south facing windows and behind every picture on the walls.  
Vacuuming seems to be the only defence.....

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