[Market-farming] Aisia beetles

Errol Castens castens at peoplepc.com
Fri Oct 10 07:54:53 EDT 2003

Paul, the funniest thing about it to me is that my wife and I were on vacation in NE Wisconsin last week -- before the bad bugs blew in!

(If it's any consolation, though, we did have sleet. Twice.)

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi
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  Hello from NE WI where the Fall color is perfect today. I'm writing for the first time after lurking here since Spring. And just when I thought I knew it all, you all taught me a lot more! Please help with this one.

  With the Indian Summer we have a plague of "Asian beetles". They bite, although that's not a big problem. They fly into noses, mouths, open windows & doors, almost anywhere they're not wanted. When they first appeared on the scene, I thought they were my pals, the lady bug, but alas...They have little to zero benefits, & make a mess out of the house & shop. I tried bay leaves, essential oil of bay, & vacuum cleaners.

  If you haven't got a magic bullet, please provide a dose of levity to help me survive.

  Thank you, Paul Yeager


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