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Can you tell us more about "Certified Naturally Grown"? Sounds like a good alternative to Organic Certification.

Betsy Zone 5
Southern Idaho

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>My farm is in the process of
>being "Certified Naturally Grown" since the certified organic has just way
>too much paperwork for me to handle and garden too.
>Jackie Fisher
>A Different Drummer Farm
>South Central Kentucky
>"Be good to the land and it will be good to you"
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>> > As for the woolly caterpillars, we have all black ones, black ones with
>> middle band of brown, some with brown on both ends and black in the middle
>> and some that are all brown.  So that must mean my front porch is going to
>> have a mild winter, while out back the barn cats are going to have the
>> winter ever.  The yard between the barns and the house is going to have
>> either an early hard winter or a late hard winter.  Who knows what winter
>> will be like if one of those cats moves one of those caterpillars.
>> -Paul Bock
>> Stone Gully
>> Western New York.
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