[Market-farming] Intro & Wooly Caterpillars

Jackie Fisher splltrss at scrtc.com
Thu Oct 9 14:06:56 EDT 2003

My name is Jackie Fisher and I have lurked here for several months now just
soaking up the wonderful info you all have imparted. I live in South Central
Kentucky, Edmonton and want to make this old farm productive. It hadn't been
farmed in over 15 years when I bought it in Sept 1999, then I became ill and
ended up disabled. Now I am in an electric wheelchair on oxygen but have
grown a test garden this year and am trying to develop some niche market
crops that nobody else grows for local farmers markets. I do everything by
hand, no equipment other than my electric powerchair for mobility. I
currently have raised beds to wheelchair height almost 300 ft. long by 3 ft.
wide, set in two rows so I can travel between them. Am going to cover them
with a hoophouse next month, then develop more. My farm is in the process of
being "Certified Naturally Grown" since the certified organic has just way
too much paperwork for me to handle and garden too.

Oh yes, have only seen 2 woolies, but they were both banded with black on
the ends and a large middle section of brown, but with distinc bands so you
could count them. Alas, I saw them before I saw the posts, so have no idea
how many were what. If I see any more, will be sure to count them, hehe!

Jackie Fisher
A Different Drummer Farm
South Central Kentucky

"Be good to the land and it will be good to you"

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> > As for the woolly caterpillars, we have all black ones, black ones with
> middle band of brown, some with brown on both ends and black in the middle
> and some that are all brown.  So that must mean my front porch is going to
> have a mild winter, while out back the barn cats are going to have the
> winter ever.  The yard between the barns and the house is going to have
> either an early hard winter or a late hard winter.  Who knows what winter
> will be like if one of those cats moves one of those caterpillars.
> -Paul Bock
> Stone Gully
> Western New York.

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