[Market-farming] Crops and Weather.

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Thu Oct 9 09:06:48 EDT 2003

It is funny how the weather is this last summer.

Last year we didn't have enough rain.  This year we had too much rain, but
not enough sunlight it seems.

The leaves are starting to change color here, but it looks like it will be a
dingy fall color year.  When we had a drought the leaves didn't have much
color and dropped early.  They aren't dropping early, but there isn't much
dramatic color either.

I remember someone posting just recently about squash not fully ripe, even
though the vines were drying out and brown.  Grape growers are having a hard
time, because the grapes haven't fully matured, something about not enough
sugar content, usually they are done picking by now.  And I have seen places
where the leaves are falling off the vines already.  Strange stuff.

As for the woolly caterpillars, we have all black ones, black ones with a
middle band of brown, some with brown on both ends and black in the middle
and some that are all brown.  So that must mean my front porch is going to
have a mild winter, while out back the barn cats are going to have the worst
winter ever.  The yard between the barns and the house is going to have
either an early hard winter or a late hard winter.  Who knows what winter
will be like if one of those cats moves one of those caterpillars.

-Paul Bock
Stone Gully
Western New York.

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