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Sat Oct 4 06:34:28 EDT 2003

Hello Caryl,
I would suggest a 3 time application of every treatment there is.The first time is to kill the adults.They lay new eggs which develop every 5-10 days.The second time is to kill the 2nd generation which were in the egg stage when you did the first treatment.You can not kill anything in the egg stage impossible exept for dormant oil.But that's another story.Then the 3rd treatment is in case you missed any aphids,and to not let them do their whole reproduction cycle al over again.
Each treatment is done 7 days one between the other.Write it down on the calendar so you won't forget.
Good luck

Alderspring <alderspring at salmoninternet.com> wrote:
Not really a market-farming question...my indoor herbs have been attacked by
a multitude of aphids! Since I'd like to keep eating them, I need an
organic solution.

Caryl Elzinga
Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Beef
east central Idaho, zone 4

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