[Market-farming] Restaurants / salad greens

Roger Weeks rjw at sonic.net
Fri Oct 3 00:51:10 EDT 2003

I was wondering if anyone on the list sells to restaurants.

This has been our first year as a market farmer and it's been pretty
successful I think, but we were only at two markets.  There are a limited
number of year-round markets here in northern California, and I'm hoping to
get into at least one or more, but I have also started limited sales to
restaurants with the hopes of expanding.

I am going to focus on salad and other greens, primarily because I have 2-3
restaurants who have asked for them specifically, and also because they will
grow through the winter here with no or little protection depending on the
species.  I've grown them before in smaller amounts, arugula and mizuna were
always favorites in our winter garden.

If anyone out there does sell greens to restaurants, I'd appreciate any
insight on preparation, storage and packaging.  For instance, do your
restaurants want washed greens?  Do they want them in boxes, or bags?  Do
they want mixed greens, like a mesclun mix?

Thanks for any advice.

Roger Weeks
Weeks Gardens
Sebastopol, CA

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