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Shelly We are members of FSA and use the program. We are farming about 30 ar. vegetables and fruit. I don't think the amount of acres makes any difference. I would think all you have to do is sign up. You would also have to go by there rules. (can change daily) And sometime they forget to tell you. The program we use is called NAP. Ask about this program, most offices don't know much about it. It is new from 2002 I think. This program will only cover crop disaster. And you have to lose at least 35%. It will cost you 100.00 per crop up to 300.00 max . will cover all crops that are not insurance coverable. I think the filing date for 2004 crops has to be filed by Dec.31. Then you pay the cash. If you plant at least 3 crops list every thing you can think of the cost is the same. Bill
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  Okay, I need some help here from all of you. 

  1. Are any of you registered with FSA? In other words do you have a farm number?
  2. If the answer is yes, how many acres do you have in production/pasture/total?

  Here is the deal....FSA is so far refusing me a farm number because I am a small producer even though I have exceeded the dollar figure. I have been fighting this battle since February and I do not want to be shut out of all Farm Bill research funding. I am meeting with my state senator soon and want to have some ammo in my pocket. Fighting the million acre ranching mentality out here is truly a challenge but I know that other small producers exist that have taken this road! Thanks in advance for your input.

  Shelly Elliott
  Idle Thyme Farm

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