[Market-farming] Woolyworms

Courtney McLeod cmcleod at imscompany.com
Thu Oct 2 12:49:24 EDT 2003

Woolyworms have either black or brown bands. Black means cold weather, 
brown means mild weather. They have 13 segments corresponding to the 
weeks of winter. This year most have no banding at all but have a 
blackish brown color all over.

I to have noticed the color of the woolybear caterpillar as we call them up
here in the north.  The one's here are mostly brown with one band of black.
Which to us means, that is should be a mild winter?!  But we had our first
frost last night and snow this morning.  I am kind of thinking that
something is amiss!!!  I live in Northeast Ohio and it is quite early for
all of this.  I would say that our season is done.  

Herb Thyme

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