[Market-farming] Re: Organic sowing medium

Nicole nbrown at bbtel.com
Thu Oct 2 11:50:15 EDT 2003

Andrea wrote: >>I was wondering if anybody out there is certified 
organic.And if you are,what kind of growing medium do you use.Do you mix 
it up yourself ,and what proportions of all the different ingredients 
does it contain.<<

I'm not certified (yet) and not a market farmer (yet) but I intend to be 
both within a couple of years (certified when/if someone in KY becomes 
accredited, until then I'll operate under the $5,000 rule).

I currently use sifted compost - sifted through expanded steel mesh - 
which I sterilize by baking or setting atop the woodstove for a day. 
Eliot Coleman and others advise against sterilizing growing medium, but 
I find that I'm forever picking weed seedlings out of my flats/pots if I 
don't. I tried using bagged "organic humus" when I ran out of ready 
compost this year, and it was less than satisfactory.

Eliot Coleman has a recipe for soilblock medium in his "The New Organic 
Grower" which involves compost, greensand, and 2 or 3 other ingredients 
- if I can locate those ingredients locally (not likely, honestly) I'll 
be trying soilblocks next year.

Nicole in KY

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