[Market-farming] Holding Beef for Market

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Oct 2 05:41:40 EDT 2003

Folks -

Best that I turn to the experienced for answers to this question.

We are selling some of our beef through the CSA. I have one person 
who cannot pick up when the truck arrives from the slaughter house. I 
understand that frozen beef can be held for a long time in a cooler. 
My question: how long?

The next question: where do you go to buy those long 'fish' coolers? 
the ones that are much larger than the ones that Wal-Mart carries? 
These beef hung at 1200lbs. If I recall, that makes a quarter about 
3cu ft. I've heard that 'fisherman supply stores' are the only place 
to buy these large coolers. But, I wonder..

Thanks -Allan

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