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pam at twinoaks.org pam at twinoaks.org
Wed Oct 1 21:09:57 EDT 2003

	Hmm, I wonder if we're in the new zone 7 now, 
or still the old 6b? Forecast of scattered frost 
tomorrow night.... We grow kale (outside, not 
protected), spinach and lettuce under hoops and row 
cover, salad mix including tatsoi, arugula, Russian 
kales and lettuces, under row cover. Also garlic and 
potato onions (plant and roll those big round bales of 
mulch hay on top) outdoors. We're busy putting up 
our gothic arch hoophouse....and covering the celery, 
late cucumbers and squash and Chinese greens with 
row cover to extend the season as long as possible.
	Who knows about celeriac? I've got it. Do we 
need to harvest before frost or not??
	Last year I really messed up the sweet potato 
harvesting. This year we dug them early. I read that 
the ideal curing conditions are 80-90F and 85-90% 
humidity. What about the less than ideal 70-75F and 
60-65% humidity? Will it work??
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA

> We're USDA new zone 7 (old zone 6b) and we grow all winter in high
> tunnels (no heat). Lettuce, mesclun, kale, chinese cabbage, tatsoi,
> many other greens, carrots, radishes, beets, spinach - and much more.
> Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm
> http://aunaturelfarm.homestead.com

> > From: 	commercial[SMTP:commercial at insdes.com]

> > Does anyone from Virginia or in the same zone grow throughout the
> > fall and winter? I was wondering what crops do well either mulched
> > in the ground or in a cold frame. I plan on planting lettuce,
> > carrots and in October some garlic. If anybody has any other ideas
> > I'd love to know.
> >  
> > Thanks,
> >  
> > Cindy
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