[Market-farming] row covers

Marlin Burkholder glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Sat Nov 29 18:06:06 EST 2003

> Ive found 1/2 inch re-bar works when laying row cover,
> two if I have too.

I am another one that is satisfied with 1/2 inch rebar after several years
of experimenting with a few pieces.  Last spring I purchased 30 twenty foot
long pieces for about $95.  That works out to about $3.00 per piece.  I
don't think any other purchasable material can beat that on a foot for foot
basis.  One can anchor a lot of row cover quickly with it.  The burling on
the rebar helps to grip the row cover.  The rebar flexes enough to conform
to ground contours.  One can fold or roll the fabric onto the rebar to make
it hold more securely.  Also one can lay a fairly heavy rock on the row
cover folded over or wrapped on the rebar every 6 feet or so.  I would't
recommend cutting the rebar into smaller pieces as this increases the chance
of the ends snagging and tearing the cover.  With 20' pieces it's not that
much of an issue.  Moving the cover and rebar in order to get at the crop
for weeding, debugging, or harvesting is not all that bad either considering
that with any system you use it's going to be somewhat of a PITA.

Marlin B
from Virginia

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