[Market-farming] RE: Straw bale Queen

David Heininger cheesechef at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 27 12:41:06 EST 2003

You guys are breaking my heart.

3-wire straw bales are $5.50 and up around here.  I got a "very good" bid of
$5.00 delivered if I bought 100 bales.

Black Mesa Ranch
Artisan Goat Cheese Dairy and Fine Candy Kitchen
Northern Arizona, USA


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From: Allan Balliett <igg at igg.com>
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What are you folk paying for a bale of straw and what type of straw
are you using? Straw runs about $4 a bale in these parts. I prefer
OAT, but it is hard to come by in this region -Allan

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