[Market-farming] Green Onions

adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Wed Nov 26 13:02:15 EST 2003

Re:  Green Onions
This green onion scare opens a market opportunity for local producers.
Green onions have historically been such a low priced crop that they are not
financially feasible for US producers.  However, with this scare may come an
opportunity to sell locally grown product at an economically viable price.
The key is for buyers (upscale grocers, restaurants, etc.) to tout the fact
that this product is obtained locally from sources which are verifiable
regarding production practices and that the higher price reflects one which
is sustainable for local producers.  Slowly we may be able to educate buyers
and consumers that yes, local costs more, but offers many benefits including
freshness, food safety and keeping dollars in the local economy.

> As we talk about raising safe, local food, read below, especially in light
> of the green onion induced illnesses - it has been difficult/impossible to
> trace where a health/safety problem is originating.  Note the folks below
> and which organizations are working towards safe food, and which are
> for profits and increased markets without regard to safety.

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