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Rick Hopkins rdhopkins at americanpasturage.com
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I use the white plastic step in fence posts designed for portable electric
fencing.  The ones I use are made by Gallagher and can be found at most
large farm supply houses.  They do not pull out and you don't have to bend
over to install or remove them.  There is a small clip on the side of the
base of the post that is to keep the post from turning in the ground.  I
insert the post into the soil at the edge of the fabric so that the clip
contacts the row cover as it contacts the ground.  This precludes the need
to stick the post through the cover itself.

Rick H.

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Gary - I haven't tried it, but earlier people posted about using
hoops on the OUTSIDE as well as the inside of the rowcovers to hold
it in place. Aside from that, 8ft t-posts held out covers down in
30-50 mile winds but I feel we were lucky. (t-posts just lying on
their sides on the fabric) A neighbor uses sandbags effectively.
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