[Market-farming] Farms Dealing with the IRS

Elizabeth Knutson eknutson at clubdepot.com
Tue Nov 25 13:21:55 EST 2003

***Raises glass to Liz*** You go girl! I think most of us joined this list
for useful information, not political commentaries or squabbles we would
prefer to delete. If it pertains to Market Farming, I want to read it, if
not, I don't.

Betsy  (eknutson at clubdepot.com)
Southern Idaho, USDA Zone 5

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> Enough already on the tax issue.  Let's get it back to farming.
> As for the plain text vs html, sometimes mailman does not display the
> in the format in which I approve messages.  I'm the one that ok'd the msg
> and sent it out to the list.  So take your shots at me though I don't
> it.  I fight back.
> Instead of chastising the poster (a gentle reminder would have been much
> more friendly than what was stated--this is a new poster!!!!), how 'bout
> re-directing the topic to make it farm related, hmm???
> If anyone has questions as to how to send plain text vs html, email me
> privately.  It's painless to change your settings ; )) .
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