[Market-farming] Farms Dealing with the IRS

Errol Castens castens at peoplepc.com
Tue Nov 25 09:02:54 EST 2003

Pat Meadows wrote:
> I am deeply opposed to any flat tax, and - if (as is usual)
> 'fair tax' means 'flat tax' in this case, I'd be deeply
> opposed to it.

I think a flat tax would be a wonderful idea -- with one exception, and then
an exception to that exception. Charge everybody the same rate, but exempt
household income below a certain level. (Maybe $30K? I'm not economist or
mathematician enough -- ha! -- to recommend an exact level.)

However, I think everybody should feel that he has a part to play in our
democracy, so there should be a nominal tax (even if it's just $50 a year)
that every income earner pays.

And then allow people to opt out of Social Security IF they take the same
amount of income and invest it (in something more substantial than
blackjack, lottery tickets and pyramid schemes, of course) and keep
disability coverage. From what I read, Social Security boasts something like
a two-percent return on investment. It'd be hard not to beat that over the
long haul.

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi

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