[Market-farming] Marlin - plant identification

Marlin Burkholder glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Mon Nov 24 19:16:46 EST 2003

  Yay!!  I found it!!  It's called "Small Flowered Bittercress" (Cardamine Parviflora).  If you want to see a pretty good picture of it, go to Google and type in  Hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button and up it will pop.  It's on the website of Stony Mountain Botanicals which gives me the reason to assume that it is probably safe to eat.  I want to nose around on the site some more and see if I can root up some more information about it.  So far all I have seen is listings of all sorts of alternative health products which they sell.  Anyhow I've eaten some of it and it hasn't killed me yet.  Maybe it's because I'm hard to kill.

  Marlin Burkholder
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