[Market-farming] Marlin - plant identification

Pat Rupiper arupiper at bright.net
Mon Nov 24 05:28:35 EST 2003

Try sending a sample to your land grant college (through the extension office). They have a "weeds identification" program. The professor should be able to identify.
As to the sunflower sale: here in southern Ohio, we lined up with a local feed store to sell as bird seed. See if you have one near you that would do the same. Alternately, there was a company that would buy whatever we grew, if we would clean and bag it, there is a plant that would process it. Out there, many big farms grow them, there must be processing plants. It didn't work out for us, as the farmer responsible for harvest waited too long, there wasn't a seed left! The birds were happy though and the roots helped break up the stony land.
Good luck to you both. Pat
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