[Market-farming] Mystery greens

Marlin Burkholder glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Sun Nov 23 22:22:07 EST 2003

> I thought it might possibly be mache (corn salad) also.

That was a good guess but it is not mache.  I grow some mache in my
hoophouse so I am familiar with it.  Yesterday I did an extensive search on
the USDA "Plant References" website looking at the dozen or so "Cardamine"
species.  This family includes the bittercresses and toothworts.  None of
the plants pictured or illustrated looked much like my plant but some of the
textual descriptions of plant parts appear to match more or less.
"Cardamine bulbosa" comes the closest.  One text mentions that there are 45
species of Cardamine in North America so there is a pretty good chance that
my plant is in there somewhere.  Now who can tell me if it is safe to eat or
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Marlin Burkholder

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