[Market-farming] Tax Info

miranda at tagoresmith.com miranda at tagoresmith.com
Thu Nov 20 12:22:50 EST 2003

I couldn't agree more with Liz--get reliable and accurate information in
the beginning so that you will understand how to set up a record system
that is not only legal, but which is also efficient.

And please don't let the IRS stop you from becoming a farmer--with good
information and the right tools, you can deal with their requirements.
You might also be surprised to learn that a good bookkeeping system will
help you be a better farmer. For example, simply tracking sales to each
account gives you information about crop schemes and schedules.

If it all seems too overwhelming, I'd suggest that you get in touch with
the folks at NESFI. They have been developing these kinds of systems for
a long time now, and they have great materials. 

Their phone number is 413-323-4531. I think that Eric is handling this
kind of inquiry right now--he works part time, so might not be in when
you call. Leave a message or email him at erict at smallfarm.org. 

Miranda (phobic about bookkeeping)Smith

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