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Joel Bush jbush4 at ipa.net
Wed Nov 19 23:23:58 EST 2003


I bought a barely used 6" Bushhog Squealer with the slip clutch option along
with a Troy-bilt Pony tiller and  an old Craftsman riding mower for (the great
price of) $1100. I traded the Bushhog this summer after using it for a couple
of years for a nearly new 18.5 HP Twin-V riding mower. If you have rocks in
your pastures like we do here in Arkansas, the slip clutch will save you from
having to replace a lot of cotter pins. You might consider one with that

At 11:17 AM 11/19/03 -0600, you wrote:
>Regards to the list:
>We are needing to buy a new or new used brush hog.  Please give us your
>advice on what's the best to get and where to get it.
>Marie in Missouri
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