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Wed Nov 19 15:23:05 EST 2003

Thank you Jackie.  This type of information sharing is
VERY helpful.
I am currently recycling, but can see the day in the
near future where I will need to purchase new cartons.

--- Jackie Fisher <splltrss at scrtc.com> wrote:
> While searching for a better price for egg cartons
> than EggCartons. com has,
> I came across the following information which is
> repeated below. I called
> Falcon Packaging and was able to get 250 pulp egg
> cartons for $27.62, a
> significant savings from EggCartons price of $37.50
> for 250. The shipping
> cost was also lower since Falcon is in Ohio, much
> closer to me. They are a
> distributor, the manufacteror is Pactiv, listed
> below also. And Falcon will
> ship C.O.D. as well for a $7.00 additional charge
> since they don't take
> credit cards. Hope this helps your profits as much
> as it does mine ;) See
> below: ***
> Thanks & Blessings!
> Jackie Fisher
> A Different Drummer Farm
> South Central Kentucky
> 270-432-0970
> "Be good to the land and it will be good to you"
> ***Pactiv (which used to be Tenneco), has reasonably
> priced cartons. The
> people you end up talking to at Pactiv often aren't
> familiar with egg
> cartons, so you'll want part numbers.
> Here are some useful ones:
> EPPR0279-06, Stock, Green Ink, Generic Egg Carton.
> EVPR5187-01N, Stock, Grade AA Extra Large.
> EVPR5187-02N, Stock, Grade AA Large.
> There's also a "multi-grade" carton with checkboxes
> for different
> sizes(Small through Jumbo). I don't have its part
> number handy, but it will
> start with "EPPR" and the description should have
> "multi-grade" in it, so
> the person on the other end of the phone ought to be
> able to find it.
> They have other stock egg cartons (which have some
> artwork and nutrition
> information info on them, but no farm name). I don't
> have the part numbers
> for them, but I think they all have part numbers
> that start with "EPPR" or
> "EVPR." The "EPPR" are solid-top "pillow-post"
> cartons, and the "EVPR"
> cartons are "vue-post" cartons where you can see the
> eggs through cut-outs.
> These are all paper cartons.
> You can personalize these with rubber stamps or
> adhesive labels. It's far
> cheaper to make labels at home on an ink-jet or
> laser printer than to have a
> print shop do it, oddly enough.
> Pactiv will also print custom egg cartons to your
> specifications. I seem to
> remember that their minimum order is ten thousand
> cartons. I think custom
> cartons cost the same as stock cartons, unless you
> add extra colors, in
> which case they cost more. (Stock cartons use two
> colors, one of which is
> black.)
> Pactive has lots of 800 numbers. 800-624-0838 ought
> to do it, according to
> my notes. They will sell cartons one bundle at a
> time (a bundle is 250
> cartons), and they take credit cards.
> According to my notes, if you order seven bundles at
> a time, you can get UPS
> hundredweight rates, which are cheaper. You'll want
> to ask the person on the
> phone to verify this, and you'll also want to verify
> that you're ordering
> from the closest factory or distribution center,
> since the shipping makes up
> about a third of the total cost. The bundles of 250
> cartons are first put in
> a bag and then in a cardboard box, so they survive
> shipping
> well.
> I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I think
> the cartons cost us
> about $0.13-$0.18 per carton, including shipping
> (from Red Bluff, CA to
> Blodgett OR). Shipping time is highly variable. If
> they don't have the
> cartons in the warehouse, it sometimes takes them
> weeks to get around to
> making more, so order ahead.
> Pactiv Corporation
> 1900 West Field Court
> Lake Forest, IL 60045
> (888) 828-2850
> (847) 482-4738 FAX
> _______________________________________
> Pactiv Corp will give you the name of a distributor
> closest to you, call
> 1-888-828-2850. I found mine at Falcon Pkg. in Ohio,
> for .07 each, plus
> shipping, for a total of .12 each. Falcon's phone
> number is: 1-800-833-2832.
> http://www.falconpac.com/
> _______________________________________________
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