[Market-farming] Egg Carton Pricing

Jackie Fisher splltrss at scrtc.com
Wed Nov 19 13:34:31 EST 2003

While searching for a better price for egg cartons than EggCartons. com has,
I came across the following information which is repeated below. I called
Falcon Packaging and was able to get 250 pulp egg cartons for $27.62, a
significant savings from EggCartons price of $37.50 for 250. The shipping
cost was also lower since Falcon is in Ohio, much closer to me. They are a
distributor, the manufacteror is Pactiv, listed below also. And Falcon will
ship C.O.D. as well for a $7.00 additional charge since they don't take
credit cards. Hope this helps your profits as much as it does mine ;) See
below: ***

Thanks & Blessings!

Jackie Fisher
A Different Drummer Farm
South Central Kentucky

"Be good to the land and it will be good to you"
***Pactiv (which used to be Tenneco), has reasonably priced cartons. The
people you end up talking to at Pactiv often aren't familiar with egg
cartons, so you'll want part numbers.

Here are some useful ones:

EPPR0279-06, Stock, Green Ink, Generic Egg Carton.
EVPR5187-01N, Stock, Grade AA Extra Large.
EVPR5187-02N, Stock, Grade AA Large.

There's also a "multi-grade" carton with checkboxes for different
sizes(Small through Jumbo). I don't have its part number handy, but it will
start with "EPPR" and the description should have "multi-grade" in it, so
the person on the other end of the phone ought to be able to find it.

They have other stock egg cartons (which have some artwork and nutrition
information info on them, but no farm name). I don't have the part numbers
for them, but I think they all have part numbers that start with "EPPR" or
"EVPR." The "EPPR" are solid-top "pillow-post" cartons, and the "EVPR"
cartons are "vue-post" cartons where you can see the eggs through cut-outs.
These are all paper cartons.

You can personalize these with rubber stamps or adhesive labels. It's far
cheaper to make labels at home on an ink-jet or laser printer than to have a
print shop do it, oddly enough.

Pactiv will also print custom egg cartons to your specifications. I seem to
remember that their minimum order is ten thousand cartons. I think custom
cartons cost the same as stock cartons, unless you add extra colors, in
which case they cost more. (Stock cartons use two colors, one of which is

Pactive has lots of 800 numbers. 800-624-0838 ought to do it, according to
my notes. They will sell cartons one bundle at a time (a bundle is 250
cartons), and they take credit cards.

According to my notes, if you order seven bundles at a time, you can get UPS
hundredweight rates, which are cheaper. You'll want to ask the person on the
phone to verify this, and you'll also want to verify that you're ordering
from the closest factory or distribution center, since the shipping makes up
about a third of the total cost. The bundles of 250 cartons are first put in
a bag and then in a cardboard box, so they survive shipping

I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I think the cartons cost us
about $0.13-$0.18 per carton, including shipping (from Red Bluff, CA to
Blodgett OR). Shipping time is highly variable. If they don't have the
cartons in the warehouse, it sometimes takes them weeks to get around to
making more, so order ahead.

Pactiv Corporation
1900 West Field Court
Lake Forest, IL 60045
(888) 828-2850
(847) 482-4738 FAX
Pactiv Corp will give you the name of a distributor closest to you, call
1-888-828-2850. I found mine at Falcon Pkg. in Ohio, for .07 each, plus
shipping, for a total of .12 each. Falcon's phone number is: 1-800-833-2832.

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