[Market-farming] brush hogs

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Wed Nov 19 13:11:14 EST 2003

Marie  --  I can only speak about Woods.  We got a five foot with the farm,
which was very well-abused, and after abusing it myself for seven years, I
bought an identical one (but not abused) at auction for $400.  I use it to
mow orchard and vineyard aisles and also for about ten acres of fields.

On a side note, I was at an auction this weekend and watched a good friend
of mine pay $1,200 for a six foot, one year old 'Brush Hog Squealer' that
was in very nice condition.  He was pleased with the price.

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market
Catawba Island, Ohio

> Regards to the list:
> We are needing to buy a new or new used brush hog.  Please give us your
> advice on what's the best to get and where to get it.
> Marie in Missouri

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