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robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Tue Nov 18 14:44:52 EST 2003

You will need a minimum of a 20" cheapo box fan for every 500 sq. ft of growing area, keep in mind the cheap hardware store box fans are notorious energy wasters...Bob.

Mary Whitney wrote:

> "Lucy, just a thought... You could get a fan like they use in
> battery-electric powered homes (wind, solar, etc.) and use it with car
> batteries to keep the air moving. Perhaps from a RV store or the internet if
> none close to you. You could charge the batteries with a car battery charger
> and bring them to the hoophouse. It's not as convenient as a fan on an
> extension cord, but it would work, I think."
> A good idea!!  but one step easier and probably cheaper buy a deep cycle marine/RV battery and an inverter and a regular large household fan.  Most fans can be run on a 100 watt inverter.  An inverter takes the voltage in the battery and changes it to 110.  We use these in our vehicles all the time and I run my register at the market on one AND a fan if it's really hot out..not spoiled or anything on that...  Check ebay even for the inverter.
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