[Market-farming] Re: Cole crops and frost

Jackie Fisher splltrss at scrtc.com
Sat Nov 15 15:00:10 EST 2003

> From: Lucy Goodman <goodows at infinet.com>
> Subject: Re: [Market-farming] Cole crops and frost

........the strawberries don't seem to mind
> the cold but the still air and condensation
> in the hoophouse is causing lots of mold
> problems. Need to figure out how to get air
> moving. Unfortunately the structure is about
> 500' beyond the extent of any extension cord
> so powering a fan is problematic

Lucy, just a thought... You could get a fan like they use in
battery-electric powered homes (wind, solar, etc.) and use it with car
batteries to keep the air moving. Perhaps from a RV store or the internet if
none close to you. You could charge the batteries with a car battery charger
and bring them to the hoophouse. It's not as convenient as a fan on an
extension cord, but it would work, I think.

Many Blessings!

Jackie Fisher
A Different Drummer Farm
South Central Kentucky

"Be good to the land and it will be good to you"

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