[Market-farming] Cole crops and frost

Vic & Pat Jackowsky 3littlepigsmkt at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 15 08:00:11 EST 2003

Ken, where in MO are you? We are looking at a couple of farms tomorrow near
Mountain Grove.  Anywhere near you?

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> We've got some fall cole crops.  It's been years since I've (succesfully)
> grown cole crops for fall harvest, and my memory's fuzzy about what
> temperatures mature plants can handle.  Does anyone know at what
> temperatures the heads for broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, and
> cabbage get damaged?  (My memory says it's something like 28, 32, 25, and
> 20, but I don't want to trust it...)
> (Strangeness: here in Missouri we STILL haven't had a good frost yet -- 
> average first frost is October 15, but we've only had a couple light
> that didn't have time to do any real damage.  Very peculiar indeed...)
> Ken Bezilla
> East Wind
> southern Missouri, zone 6b
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