[Market-farming] Cole crops and frost

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Sat Nov 15 07:05:00 EST 2003


the cole crops you mention can take temps 
around 25ûF if unprotected. Toss a 30 wgt row 
cover and the cole crops will do great in 
temps as low as 15ûF. put a hoophouse up 
around the cole crops and they are good even 
if the temps gp below zero. Our cole crops 
survived -15 last winter in a hoophouse. They 
only quit producing when we pulled them out 
to make room for spring crops. We had kale 
(winterbor) brussle sprouts & chinese cabbage 
in the hoophouse last year.

This year we have B sprouts, cabbage, chinese 
cabbage, broccoli, kale and spring mix in one 
hoophouse and everbearing strawberries in 
another. the strawberries don't seem to mind 
the cold but the still air and condensation 
in the hoophouse is causing lots of mold 
problems. Need to figure out how to get air 
moving. Unfortunately the structure is about 
500' beyond the extent of any extension cord 
so powering a fan is problematic.

W had cantaloupe in a hoophouse but decided 
to let it die last week by not putting its' 
row cover back on. we did cover some plants 
in pots that were also using the hoophouse 
(eggplant, tomatoes, rosemary). the end 
result was lots of dead melon plants except 
where a couple had crawled under the row 
cover. everything that was covered showed no 
signs of cold damage what so ever. Row covers 
are remarkable things.

The quality of the strawberries and 
cantaloupe have been excellent all 
fall-extremely sweet and flavorful.

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New Paris, OH
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